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The TechSelect network is a prequalified community of technology solution providers and resellers across Canada focused on solution selling into the SMB and various vertical markets. 

TechSelect facilitates interaction opportunities that allow members to connect with one another and build multifaceted partnerships amongst all stakeholders; Tech Data, our sponsoring vendors and the reseller community. 

The program provides members with a variety of networking, training and marketing support and also offers vendors a number of unique reseller and end-user elements to drive growth and expanded relationships with a select group of leading  Canadian resellers. 

Throughout the year, TechSelect members work together to share best practices and discuss new technologies to ensure they have the know-how to deploy winning solutions. TechSelect members also partner together to provide service and support for organizations with multiple locations across Canada and North America.

While some TechSelect members may specialize in a particular solution or vertical market, the majority fit a profile that includes:

  • A strong mix of hardware, software and service
  • Current hardware authorizations and software certifications
  • Geographic focus and commitment with access to the national network to provide complete solution and service coverage
  • Trained sales, technical and support staff with knowledge and expertise in selling and deploying business solutions



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