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Introducing the Dell Ready program

A new Stock and Sell program for Dell Enterprise Solutions.

There has never been a more critical time to invest in data and IT. Whether your customers' businesses rely on data to predict the future, improve outcomes or engage more customers, the next generation of Dell PowerEdge servers will help them scale smarter, manage easier and innovate faster. It's just one more way Dell is driving the evolution of servers to empower your customers' businesses, while enabling you to increase your profit.

The Dell Ready Program

Dell Ready program products Making it easier for you to do business with Dell is one of our key priorities. Therefore, we're pleased to introduce you to the Dell Ready Program, a stock and sell program for Dell Enterprise Solutions.

This program offers:

  • Best in class server pricing
  • Shorter delivery times as a result of ordering a stocked configuration
  • 8 – 16 bays standard on servers, up to four times as many bay models as the competition

For more information, contact your Dell Tech Data sales team at 1 (800) 668-5588.

Reap the rewards with Dell PartnerDirect

Dell PartnerDirectDell PartnerDirect isn't just a program. It's a commitment that produces greater rewards as you grow. If you want the opportunity to help achieve efficiency and higher potential profitability, and deliver the latest in differentiated technologies to your customers, encourage you to join the award-winning PartnerDirect program or if already a Dell PartnerDirect partner take advantage of the competencies and training programs, giving you a greater expertise with Dell products and solutions.

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